Permitted Assessments (AIAs and SAPs)

Permitted Assessments

Archaeological Impact Assessment (AIA) and Site Alteration Permit (SAP)

Both an AIA and a SAP are permitted archaeological assessments, meaning a Heritage Inspection Permit (HIP) must be granted under British Columbia’s Heritage Conservation Act (HCA)

An AIA is required if your proposed development involves some ground disturbance in an area that is deemed to possess significant archaeological potential (i.e. Area of [archaeological] Potential). The archaeological assessment will consist in the inspection of both the surface (i.e. pedestrian and visual survey) and of the subsurface strata (i.e. shovel testing and inspection of tree throws).

A SAP is required if any development or disturbance is to occur within the boundaries of an archaeological site.

Timeline: Permitting lead times vary greatly, but typically 6-12 months which includes First Nation referral period. Contact us to discuss your options.

Often, it is easiest to avoid a site altogether and our dedicated team can assist you in finding alternative options. Should you still have to conduct ground-altering activities, we can also suggest mitigative approaches to limit your impacts to archaeological resources.

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